Here is a short overview of the tech meeting ” Web technologies – Production challenges ”  we had in partnership with the Faculty of Computer Science on December 12, 2014. Many thanks for everyone involved in organizing the event. Also thanks for the invite and to those who attended.

east vision systems - Web Technologies attendees

What we discussed:

  • Correct body posture and work habits when working for long hours in front of a PC
  • Cloud based web applications – benefits.
  • High availability
  • Fault tolerance
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Python tools
  • Python diversity: IPython, NLTX and Boto

We managed to record some short videos with the first 2 presentations. We apologize for the low-quality of the filming. It was an improve as we needed to replace the hardware of the organizers just a few seconds before we started. We are also sorry we could not film the remaining two presentations and the interactive standing-up pauses when we exposed the attendees to east vision systems organizational culture and served jelly-candies. : )

The slides with the presentations can be found here:

east vision systems web technologies – scientific seminar uaic from IonelaPostolache

Python demo and all necessary materials to run the tests for yourselves can be found on this public and secured DropBox Link:

Topics left to cover in a future meeting:

  • General overview on production technologies: Backbone.js, angular.js, node.js, Redis, MariaDB, MongoDB;
  • Front end: Maintainable single-page applications

Looking forward to our next Scientific Seminar.