During the previous week we went to Bilbao for the Python conference EuroPython 2015 held between 20 and 26 of July. We went there not only as attendees, but also with a presentation and two posters that we presented to the community. It involved a fair bit of effort and preparation, but it was a rewarding experience and we had the occasion of talking with interesting programmers and engineers.

MongoBoard, one of our on-going open projects, was presented there by our mates, Alex and Robert, and there were quite a lot of people interested in a free alternative to MongoDB’s proprietary support tools. If you want, you can scout the poster here.


Alex and Robert talking with some cool people


The presentation that we held was about the Logbunker Python service which we talked about in a previous post, but with a more technical approach and with a little bit of stage fright :). The service was also presented through a poster just a few hours after the talk. There were a lot of people keen on finding out more and we are glad that it gained a bit of interest from the Python developers and not only.

The presentation was not yet separated from all the video material gathered by the volunteers that helped organize and coordinate the conference, but the material is available online and you can both read the slides or watch it here: