Our colleagues are what one might call a bunch of geeks. They really enjoy programming; latest technologies and complicated development challenges. They do this with a level of enthusiasm that is hard to match. So, should one of them finds out about ... say Node.js and is eager to spread the word about it, we pretty much encourage this endeavor to take the following path: colleague does a research on said technology; colleague prepares a presentation for other colleagues who are interested in the topic; colleague holds presentation in front of interested peers and finishes with a QA session. Colleague then does some benchmarking to learn pros, cons, response time, hardware requirements, etc. versus other existing solutions, presents the benchmark to our Solution Architects and gets their experienced feed-back. When chance presents itself and projects are supporting the new, fancy integration, it is introduced into production. Colleague is happy, team is informed, client is on the edge. Win-win-win.


That being said, we have developed applications for some of the world's leading companies. Our clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.






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