The video platform that unifies brands, agencies and publishers through technology.

  • Varrando enables you to host and manage your videos on the cloud.
  • Monetize your content using advanced advertising features.
  • Play any content or ad type with a modern, reliable, customizable video player.
  • Engage with your audience on every device.
  • Understand how viewers interact with your videos using in-depth analytics.

Altitude Digital

east vision systems has been instrumental in developing our platform and has been a valuable extension to our product team in the US. It’s rare to find a partner that brings deep technical competence, perfect communication and constant collaboration. The trust is high and we consider EVS part of the Altitude Digital team.”

Joe Grover, Chief Marketing Officer

Pin Agenda Management

Web 2.0 Platform and a feature rich application that allows you to manage client meetings, interviews, launch appointments. With an intuitive tagging system and a global search at its core, PinAgenda makes keeping track of contacts, in progress deals, appointments, daily tasks, budget planning simpler than ever.


Watch this (less than 5 minutes) demo


Mongo-Board is a project which provides a graphical user interface to MongoDB replica set management and instance operations. Mongo-Board allows users to connect to multiple remote servers, start/stop mongoDB instances, deploy them into a replica set and perform member configuration / maintenance operations.


Watch this (less than 5 minutes) demo

Other Projects

We have almost 10 years of experience in Video and Web Development. During this time we have worked and created numerous and various projects. From complex web platforms and video technologies, to WordPress plugins and templates, to gorgeous iPad applications, our expertise is surpassed only by our enthusiasm. Check out the trace of east vision systems history.






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