Yahoo! RDA Application
  • Yahoo! RDA Application
  • Yahoo! RDA Application

APT Report Data Aggregation (RDA) is a stand-alone application that uses the Yahoo! APT EWS API to aggregate external reports across multiple Self-Managed Entities (SMEs) and save the resulting aggregation on the PC. APT, the advertising management platform from Yahoo!, is designed to make buying and selling advertising easier and more profitable for everyone.

This was a very interesting project to work on, especially because it gave us lots of challenges. We had to dig deep in the API documentation, then to transpose the requirements in design and implementation, and finally to make sure everything is running fast and well synchronized. Using the APT web services is not a few-hours' work, instead we had to understand the entire work-flow behind the advertising platform.

Apart from the APT EWS integration, the RDA Application also features:

  • AES Encryption algorithms.
  • Single-instance execution.
  • System-Try management.
  • Local caching system.
  • Optimum communication for multiple account collations.
  • Custom file protection.
  • Zip/Unzip functionality to spare bandwidth.
  • Multiple time-zones support.
  • Multiple report types: CSV Excel, CSV, TSV and XML.

Technologies:  Yahoo APT EWS, .Net, Web