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This application is designed and built for publishers, to help them create gorgeous interactive magazines directly on web.

Creating magazines and articles is a breeze using our advanced editor. You can embed photographs, albums, YouTube videos, text multi-column articles, geometric shapes, and freely customize their size, position and contents across any number of pages and backgrounds. Features like undo / redo, zooming, auto-save to draft are all there, giving you complete control over a fast and intuitive creation process.

Viewing magazines can't be easier. The viewer is packed with features like enhanced article browsing featuring a custom built table of contents, an intuitive zooming feature and life-like page navigation, dynamic interaction with articles like playing movies and scrolling through photographs, sharing articles on social platforms or directly by email, printing or saving pages to their own workstation for later offline review.

Our optimization algorithms are taking care to make everything as fast as possible, through image processing and through the client-server communication protocol.

Visit the Magazine Designer and Viewer by following the links bellow:

Technologies:  Flash AS3, Flex, MXML, CSS, Pixel Bender, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL 2008