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Closely working with Ooyala Professional Services, we’ve managed to deliver custom video solutions for companies like Telegraph, Philadelphia Eagles, Quick.tv, Volcom, CBOE, Betty Crocker, DECA, AppsSavvy, and others.

We offered a diverse range of video solutions and services, from custom website integrations using web technologies to Flash / Flex custom video players. The work has been involved different strategies, solutions and implementations, such as:

  • Building custom players with complete media support, multiple categories, on-the-fly playlists, advanced search and navigation, multiple sorting criteria, and others.
  • Relying on the Ooyala Backlot API for content management.
  • Extending players existing functionalities with new features.
  • Visible Measures integration for tracking video and player related metrics.
  • Custom integrations into the clients existing websites.
  • Building custom CMS interfaces for an easy management of video assets, channels, thumbnails, metadata and players, with additional support for video multi-upload, channels & videos association, player assignment to channels and videos, player preview and configuration, dynamic search, and others.
  • Customizing the JavaScript API provided by Ooyala by adding new interfaces on top.
  • Providing technical support and proof-of-concept integrations.

Visit some of our custom video solutions:

Technologies:  Ooyala Backlot API, Flash AS3, Flex, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET