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TextAddict.tv is a full-featured SMS driven solution, which provides premium SMS services for mobile consumers. Also called on-demand services, they are offering interactive ways to subscribe and get the latest news, jokes, inspirational quotes, romantic tips, horoscope, and others, directly to your mobile device.

The complete list of integrated services is: Hip Hop Buzz, Astro, Hollywood Buzz, Pop Gossip, Pick-up Lines, Love Coach, Jokes, Inspiration, Funny Insults, Horoscope, and Match Maker.

They allow the users to:

  • Subscribe to a service via his/her cell phone or the website, for $9.99 per month. On subscription anniversary another premium message will be sent informing the user that his/her subscription is being auto-renewed.
  • Use the services unlimited amount of times during their subscription period, without any extra changes. Once subscribed for a service, the user will get the target information in specific days and time during a week.
  • Unsubscribe to any given service via his/her cell phone or the website.

Each service enables a virtual communication channel with the mobile device, through which interactive text messages are going back and forth. Each message includes information such as: service description, help, unsubscribe option, charges, pin confirmation, renewal date, etc.

The system includes a Backend Management System (BMS), and provides:

  • Scalable & cost-effective architecture, making it easy to add new services of similar or different service types.
  • Multiple landing pages for different campaigns and services.
  • Fallback mechanism by aggregating 2 SMS gateways.
  • Air2Web SMS gateway integration (primary gateway).
  • Verisign SMS gateways integration (fallback gateway).
  • Automatic billing through premium SMS on subscription anniversary.
  • Automatic content importing from third-party services.
  • Reporting tools for subscriptions, subscribers, services, affiliates and campaigns.
  • Easy ways to manage the service flow messages and enforce specific SMS responses.

Technologies:  ASP.NET, MS SQL, Air2Web SMS API, Verisign SMS API, Web