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East Vision Systems built a complete video platform with custom video players, backend configuration interfaces, advertising solutions, real-time analytics and reporting tools.

Integrating 3rd party ad solutions and reporting tools (e.g. Visible Measures), the players are also featuring alternative YouTube playback, a custom reporting mechanism with geo-tracking support, a custom RTMP functionality to optimize the play experience, and custom algorithms for ad delivery.

The video players are VAST and VPAID compliant, supporting a new generation of interactive ads. This means interoperability with any VAST and VPAID compliant ad server across the web. The built-in ad component reads the VAST XML files and coordinates the display of the overlaying ads and synched companion banners.

The backend console includes user management, reporting tools for internal analytics, players’ live configuration, 3rd parties’ configuration, and others.

The custom tracking system saves playing metrics for the client’s internal interest. It runs custom reports on the selected data, campaign, period, etc., and displays those using dynamic diagrams.

The players expose top rated viral features like Facebook and Twitter share, e-mail propagation and web page embedding.

Technologies:  Flash AS3, Flex, jQuery, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Visible Measures, JW Player, VAST/VPAID, Youtube API